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Oh, don’t we all just love a pun or two?

I decided pretty early on that we would be keeping flowers to a minimum.  I’m just not much of a flower kinda bride.  I’ll have a bouquet and my BMs will.  Our mothers and grandmothers will receive flowers as well, but that was about it.  That’s right, we’re not planning on flowered centerpieces, flowers on the cake or using flowers during the ceremony (which is in a greenhouse full of flowers…doesn’t seem necessary).

What? Oh, you mean the groomsmen?  See, I really have no desire to have the men wear boutonnieres. There is just something odd about forcing a man to wear a flower so that it coordinates with the bridesmaids’ bouquets.  Call me un-traditional, that’s fine.  Instead, we’ll have the men wear fun pops of color in their ties and socks.  And, yes, I have confirmation from one of them that he is very stoked about the argyle socks.

But in all of my stalking and searching on Etsy, I have managed to find some great bout’ alternatives for the bride looking for something different and non-floral!

This one has a great vintage feel, with a muted and neutral palette, which I love.


Not gonna lie, this one creeps me out, but could be great for the off-beat bride!

The Builder’s Studio

This one could be great for a beach or destination wedding.

Creative Bridal Solutions

This one is just plain adorable. Would be great for a wedding in the Hamptons!

fritts rosenow

All of these are great for the traditional bride looking for something fun or the non-traditional bride looking for something other than flowers.  I love that Etsy has created a great source for crafty individuals.  Not only that, but Etsy has definitely found a niche in the wedding market.  It’s such a great way to add some DIY touches without actually have to DIY!


  1. I love the sail bout! (Now who’s punning)

  2. I love this idea! Alas, when I showed S the kraftpaper site and the fritts rosenow site a while back, he was not into it. He wants some sort of real bout, so I think I am going to stick with greenery.

  3. landlockedbride
    9:12 am on August 3rd, 2009

    I love the quirky bouts. Like I said, we’re opting not to do them. FI was actually pretty excited about that, so whatever needs to be done to make him feel like he’s a part of the process! That’s important!