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the rainbow.

Are you effin’ kidding me?  How lucky to have this gorgeous ‘bow show up on your wedding day.  That is one lucky couple!

Hoffer Photography

Because You’re Beautiful always has a great love statement.

You’re Beautiful

Seems there has been a lot of talk about color on the Landlocked Bride.  Well, I love color, what can I say?  We’ve established that though.

For any of you brides struggling with color palettes for your wedding, or even you wedding planners out there that are hard-pressed for some fun color ideas, you should visit The Perfect Palette.  You can find just about any color combination, and some great inspiration boards.

Even if you are not a bride and are just looking for some great color schemes for your wardrobe, or house/apartment/condo, this is a great resource!


How fun is this DIY faux-to booth idea?!

The Bride’s Cafe

Instead of setting up an actual booth or putting disposable cameras, Janie’s DIY contest winner, Hillary, shared this great idea! Buy some old-fashioned cameras off of Ebay, Etsy or Craigslist, set up a fun table, and let guests take pictures at your event of all of the happenings. Obviously you have your fabulously awesome photographer to take gorgeous photos for your, but this lets your guests get involved and take silly, action/candid shots from a different perspective.

This would be a great idea for the DIY bride, vintage bride, outdoor wedding bride. Really, just any bride!

Who doesn’t love a little creativity?

If you’re looking for a creative way to incorporate menus into your place settings, try this idea.


The menu card is wrapped around the napkin, with the silverware tucked into the “pocket.”  It’s a cute idea, and definitely fits well with that striped feel the bride and groom were looking for.

There are so many unique ways to place the menu at the tables, from putting one at each place setting to using a chalkboard on each table.

Rowan’s Room

The chalkboard is great for school-themed or outdoor wedding.  It has great lines and pulls in a bit of nostalgia.

We have yet to decide what we plan on doing about menu cards, but we have a few ideas (which we will gladly share, once we actually get around to crafting them).

Are you going to use menus on your tables or another idea to display what’s for dinner?

This post is for my good friend Amy.  1. Because she loves Disney and 2.  She just started her last year in law school, I wanted to give her a cheery break from the law).  The girl loves Disney more than anyone I know and if she were planning a wedding (or, better yet, if I was helping her plan), these would (and should) be involved.

Tinywater Photography

I love the idea of a bride and groom incorporating one element into their photos that really characterizes something they have in common, or something they both share a love for.  And, besides that, everyone has a special place for Minnie and Mickey in their hearts (you know you do).  How can images like these not put a smile on your face or allow you to appreciate the little things in relationships?

(And, to Amy — Best wishes for your final year in law school!!)

Woot (borrowing this from Sarah)!  The Landlocked Bride won her very first blogger award, and I must say I’m beyond excited.  When I started this little bloggity blog, it was mostly for friends and family and grew into a source of inspiration and hot spot for Midwestern brides (and beyond)!

Thanks to Sarah over at A Life More Exciting, I got this little award!

Needless to say, I’m honored and thrilled.  AND, since you’re supposed to pass these lovelies on, I’m awarding this to the following lovely bloggers:

Maggie over at A Freckled Citizen (especially for her lovely wedding recaps on EAD)
Anna of Anna and the Ring
Darci at With This Ring (she had some great wedding shower ideas recently, LOVE….I’ll blog about soon)

Thanks for the blog love ladies and for giving us brides to be some inspiration!

You’re Beautiful

Are these two not the cutest flower children ever? I wonder if she bribed them to do that!

Megan Thiele Photography

Shout out to local photographer, Megan Thiele.

Maybe it’s just the modernity or untraditional in me, but if our wedding budget were uber grande, this dress would be worn by yours truly. Not to mention the red belt. I think this dress was meant for me.

Le swoon……BIG time.  Oh Oscar, how you break my heart.

Martha Stewart Weddings