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I love when local brides are featured on bigger blog sites.  It really shows that the Midwest is coming along in the wedding industry.

If you have not stumbled upon it already, be sure to head over to Style Me Pretty and check out Abby’s posts about the wedding.

This bride uses a lot of creativity and ideas that me and the FI are looking for in our wedding.  She executed a lot of DIY projects, which gave her wedding the feel that it was really about her and her husband.  Plus, her reception venue is the same place where we will be having ours.  It is always nice to see how other brides set it up.


Let me also mention that the bride bought her wedding dress from J.Crew and had her seamstress ad the flowers and the overlay.  AYKM?  That takes some creativity and a strong vision!

How could I forget to mention that the bride and her bridal party made their own bouquets!  I have had my eye on this DIY project since before the FI and I got engaged.  I’m crafty and think this is a fabulous way to be green (support the local economy by buying local and in-season flowers) and save some money!

There are so many elements from her wedding that I love.  So, Audra, if you’re reading this, I might just borrow some of your ideas because they are faboosh!

And P.S.  I love that they hung paper lanterns.  Makes me feel 110% better about wanting to hang paper lanterns at Windows.


  1. Her flowers are exactly what I envision for my wedding!

  2. aunt kat
    4:00 pm on July 31st, 2009

    When I got married I did my own flowers and designed my own invitations. I also love your paper lantern idea.
    I love how much fun you are having. Love to you both.

  3. landlockedbride
    6:54 pm on July 31st, 2009

    I designed our invitations….those will be revealed much later down the road. And, I plan on crafting a bunch of other things. BUT, I really wanted to hand-tie my bouquet and my BMs bouquets…Mom thinks I’m crazy!