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I totally ‘borrowed’ this from Meagan with an A’s blog tonight, but I couldn’t not share it (thanks, Meagan!).


I love when local brides are featured on bigger blog sites.  It really shows that the Midwest is coming along in the wedding industry.

If you have not stumbled upon it already, be sure to head over to Style Me Pretty and check out Abby’s posts about the wedding.

This bride uses a lot of creativity and ideas that me and the FI are looking for in our wedding.  She executed a lot of DIY projects, which gave her wedding the feel that it was really about her and her husband.  Plus, her reception venue is the same place where we will be having ours.  It is always nice to see how other brides set it up.


Let me also mention that the bride bought her wedding dress from J.Crew and had her seamstress ad the flowers and the overlay.  AYKM?  That takes some creativity and a strong vision!

How could I forget to mention that the bride and her bridal party made their own bouquets!  I have had my eye on this DIY project since before the FI and I got engaged.  I’m crafty and think this is a fabulous way to be green (support the local economy by buying local and in-season flowers) and save some money!

There are so many elements from her wedding that I love.  So, Audra, if you’re reading this, I might just borrow some of your ideas because they are faboosh!

And P.S.  I love that they hung paper lanterns.  Makes me feel 110% better about wanting to hang paper lanterns at Windows.

Boy, am I on a blog roll today.

Found this quote today while rummaging around on my Photog’s blog and fell in love with it.

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” – Emily Bronte

This wedding seriously makes me wanna re-think my wedding and get married in Colorado in the Fall just so I can do this:


If we were doing a candy buffet, I would so make a ton of these coated in red and orange.


They would be a perfect addition to anyone’s candy buffet for that matter, or even as a spread at a shower (wedding, baby, etc.). I’d love to make them for my shower, but it seems odd to make a dessert for your own shower (right?).

I think this version is adorable.


And, how great are these Relay for Life cupcake pops?


A friend of mine who works for the American Cancer Society would love those!

The recipe to make these is very easy, just takes a bit of time and patience (which I have).  SO, if you’re looking for some cupcake pops for your event, I’m your girl (shameless plug for my baking abilities, forgive me).  I’m not joking either (about me baking you these cake pops).

Are there any cute candy/cake/dessert ideas you want to incorporate into your wedding or shower?  Is there a must-have food you want to include or would want to?

We all know how much I love photography (and if you don’t, well I LOVE photography).  BUT, one thing I absolutely love are photography blog posts that really tell a story.  I mean, most of them do in their photos alone, but I love when the photographer provides some background.

My favorite?  Jasmine Star.  She always provides a background, a scene or feeling of emotion before she shares her photos from a wedding or whatever.  It really sets the tone for you when you start to scroll through the photos; almost like you are there.

When you have some time today, be sure to take a trip over to Jasmine’s blog and just enjoy!

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Landlocked Bride

Who is going on a much needed vacation (well, sort of)?  This girl.

Wedding planning will resume on Monday!

Have a good weekend all!

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Remember those cute knock-knock jokes when you were a kid?

Kid:  “Knock, knock.”

Patron:  “Who’s there?”

Kid:  “Orange.”

Patron:  “Orange, who?”

Kid:  “Orange you glad…..”

Yeah, okay, so they became a little annoying after a while, but I had a total flashback when I saw this:

*Courtesy of the Brooklyn Bride

I wish we had some place like that in town to take pictures.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some fab places to take pictures here, like:


And, here:


BUT, considering the fact that orange (tangerine) is one of our faboosh wedding colors, how fun would that wall be to take pictures in front of?

Since the “Orange You Glad” wall is not an option in this lovely midwestern town, I think the FI and I are going to opt to do some fun photos a la Max Wanger (although the lovely Jessica Claire just shot some fun photos with green balloons for her birthday):


Just imagine that balloon in red.  How fun is that?!  I can’t help myself in wanting to use fun props during the e-shoot (not for all of the photos, just a few).  Now to get our photographer on board, which I don’t think will be a problem at all!

I have spent nearly the past 5 months or so building this blog with all my heart and soul.  It started as my rambling spot, morphed into a wedding update blog for my lovely friends who are not able to be in town to partake in wedding plans, to a source of inspiration and sharing (and still an update spot for those friends).

I hope that each day I continue to inspire you all in blog world (especially those brides-to-be) and share it with friends.

So my dear blog reading friends.  I have a small favor to ask (or two, really).  1.  Please don’t be afraid to comment!  And, comment lots!  Give me some feedback, let me know what you think and share your ideas!  2.  Share this blog with your friends and family and any brides-to-be you may know.  Although this little bloggity blog started as a local thing, I would love to be able to share my ideas with brides all over.

Okay.  That was my desperate attempt at getting you to spread the word.  Thanks for all of the blog love thus far – it is sooo appreciated!  I’m looking forward to sharing more of my wedding plans and planning ideas with you!

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